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You have real estate projects in Northern France ?
Let's achieve them together !!


Our Job 

To help you run and achieve your real estate projects.


Our goal ?

To support residential, retail, or office-space developers, social housing landlords, social, elderly or nursing care home operators, workshop or warehouse owners etc.. who plan to develop their real estate projects connected with their main activity, but want to delegate the project development process (in whole or only in part) to a reliable, trustworthy and regional partner.


Our method

We propose to each of our clients a custom partnership agreement defining our mission, which can cover anything from the conception of the project to its completion. We handle the coordination between all the stakeholders (architects, engineers, surveyors, local and public authorities, general contractors, tenants, etc...), we assist the client during the preparation and design period, including the preparation of tenders. We make sure that all the requirements and specifications are respected, we ensure the compliance between what was decided and what is being built, and we also run all the delivery matters and the legal warranties.

During the whole building period, we attend the weekly construction meetings on site, as a representative of our client.

We deal, for you, with all financial, legal, planning, technical and commercial matters. 


Our guarantee

After more than 30 years of developing real-estate projects in Northern France (Residential, office-space, nursing homes...), we have an extensive knowledge of the French planning regulations, technical and social requirements, and overall the particular French public sector network.


Our way of working

We can build for you, under your agreement, the team of partners who will be involved in your project. We report regularly on the progress of the project (at least once a week), by written reports which complete the site meetings.

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